This web site is designed to help high school students to plan their own future.

If you are a student and you’re interested in taking an undergraduate course, here you can find a lot of useful information, such as:

  • contents of the undergraduate courses held in the Engineering Department and links to the corresponding department web pages www.ing.unipg.it and www.unipg.it University;
  • job opportunities and testimonials of former students that now are working all over the world;
  • communications concerning the placement test and all the events, organized by the department and / or by the university, addressed to future freshmen;
  • enrolment procedures and student services offered by the department and the university;
  • a photogallery that will allow you to virtually visit the campus and all its premises (classrooms, study rooms, laboratories, library, etc.).

All in all, this web site is going to offer you precious information that will enable you to think about what your interests are and to decide if a degree program in the Department of Engineering can be the right university program for you.