The university and the department offer a wide range of services to facilitate the integration of students in the university world, and to support them throughout the duration of their studies.
The student support is not limited to the teaching, but involves also many aspects related to university life and student-life.

Introductory and remedial courses

Teaching support activities addressed to aspirants freshmen aiming to facilitate the inclusion in the study courses of the Department. The courses focus on basic math topics and provide a good support to pass the admission tests. Further information can be found on the following page of the departmental website: TEACHING → Enrolling in our courses → Introductory and remedial courses.

Tutoring in progress

A tutor is assigned to each student in order to support him in the various phases of his course of study and in particular to facilitate his entry in the first year. The position of the tutor is also very useful as he can improve the quality of teaching, suggesting solutions that take into account the feedback received from the students.

Departmental facilities and services

Research and teaching Laboratories are available in the Campus together with a wide Central Library and reading rooms. Students can also benefit of equipped areas where to study and a canteen service. The Engineering campus has also large green areas and a coffee shop-cafeteria.

For more information look up the departmental web site at the page TEACHING → Enrolling in our courses → Facilities and services.

University services

In the University website – section Services you can find information of many useful services offered to students.