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List of upcoming guidance activities designed to accompany future students in the choice of a course of study suitable to their own needs, personal ambitions and specific talents.

 Introductory Courses 2019 - September 5th-13th 2019

Introductory Courses 2019

Perugia, Department of Engineering (Santa Lucia) - Via Goffredo Duranti, 93 - Classroom F

The Engineering Department organizes teaching activities to facilitate students to access the engineering courses (Introductory Courses).
The Introductory Courses take place in September and are tailored to those students that already enrolled to the first year or that plan to enroll to the first year.
For the academic year 2019/20, the introductory courses will be held in the period September 5th-13th. They will focus on fundamental mathematical notions, with the aim of helping students to overcome the gap between High School and University, and to accustom them to the methodology required by academic studies. They are also conceived to help students to take the admission test in September (September 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th in Perugia and Terni).
More details on the website of the Department: TEACHING → Enrolling in our courses → Introductory and remedial courses.


 SettembreOrienta 2019 - September 12th, 2019

SettembreOrienta 2019

Perugia, Polo di Ingegneria (Santa Lucia) - Via Goffredo Duranti, 93 - Auditorium (lecture hall)

Information on the Degree courses of the Department of Engineering addressed to future freshmen. Guided tours to the following departmental facilities (classrooms, laboratories, libraries, equipped spaces, etc.) will be organized.

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