Upcoming Events

List of upcoming guidance activities designed to accompany future students in the choice of a course of study suitable to their own needs, personal ambitions and specific talents.

 L'ESPerienza di INGegneria - Video Contest

Video Contest ESPerienza di INGegneria

Any student enrolled in one of our Bachelor or Master Degree courses is encouraged to participate to the Department of Engineering Video Contest (ESPING - L'ESPerienza di INGegneria), to tell significant, interesting or just fun moments of university life.

The best videos will be awarded with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, an iPad, and other Tablets and Smartphones offered by Faist, Pegaso 2000, Umbra Bearings, XEPICS, Xibo.

All eligible videos will be posted on the social channels of the Department: their appreciation on the web, measured by clicks, likes, etc., will be one of the criteria for awarding prizes.

The video should be submitted within September 30, 2017.
Find all the details on http://contestesping.unipg.it/.

 Smarter Engineering for Industry 4.0 (SmE4I4.0) September 17th and 23th, 2017

3rd IEEE Italy Section Summer School: Smarter Engineering for Industry 4.0 (SmE4I4.0)

Industry 4.0 or the forth industrial revolution has been opened by the astonishing rise in computational power and connectivity. Paradigms of production change: new forms of human-machine interaction are required (touch interfaces, augmented-reality systems, etc.), and new technologies for transferring digital instructions to the physical world are needed (advanced robotic, 3-D printing, etc.). Students will be exposed to topics such as:
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Digitalizazion, Modelling and Simulation
  • Data Security
  • Deep Learning
  • The role of electrification and automation in the agriculture of the future
  • Telemedicine
  • Human-Machine Interfaces


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